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hotmoon is a community based application The goal of hotmoon is to create decentralized applications in crypto, we are trying to follow the goals of Hotmoon by launching DAO on the blockchain platform, in the following you will get to know the active and future products of hotmoon.

WhitePaper Contract HotMoon Token

RoadMap HotMoon Products

The team is building a decentralized idea every day, and these builds continue with community support




Wallet Decentralized



HotMoon Browser Coming Soon (Q4 2022)

HotMoon Game Coming Soon (Q1 2023)

HotMoon App Wallet Coming Soon (Q2 2023)

HotMoon Lunchpad Coming Soon (Q3 2023)

HotMoon Chart Coming Soon (Q4 2023)

Build,Build,Build,Build ....


Burn 82.80%

The HotMoon team decided to burn all their share, there are ≈ 3,500B to move the project forward and we will implement all our ideas to make sure that we have made all our efforts to the goals of HotMoon.

Circulating Supply : 17,190.38B HOTMOON

HotMoon Liquidity lock for 5 years

Active HotMoon products, our effort is to increase the demand of HotMoon market in all products, these products continue and will soon increase, with the support of the community, we have many ideas to implement.

Stake HotMoon

You can stake your HotMoon and get rewards for your HotMoons, Dapp, Smart Contract Safe

Stake HotMoon

Web Wallet HotMoon

HotMoon decentralized wallet, active in 6 blockchains, Dapp, import Wallet, WEB3, is active in version v0.1, soon the Android version will be released on Google Play

Start Web Wallet HotMoon

Browser HotMoon

Get a faster and better browser. HotMoon helps you browse safely , Ad Blocker, integrated messaging apps and private mode.

Coming Soon Q4 2022

HotMoon Dex

Swap on HotMoon Dex without any transaction fee, Pool Safe, Smart Contract Safe, Dapp

Coming Soon Q4 2022

We build every day, we build for the community

No transaction fee

The HotMoon token does not define any fee on its transactions


All our efforts are HotMoon's ideas in web3, the future is for WEB3

HotMoon has a creative team and thinks every day what crypto and WEB3 users need, meets the needs, and the demand for HotMoon is high, that's why in the future, the long-term growth of HotMoon is unstoppable.

BSC : 0xC1357d32Bf23fD5fE3280681a36755B6F150442e

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